1. Meet the Team - Andrew Lloyd



    Name: Andrew Lloyd

    Year: 2015

    Position: Chaser usually, though I’ve played them all in a game

    Jersey Number: 11

    Major: Political Science specializing in American Government, Concentration in Law and Society

    Hometown: Chelmsford Ma.

    Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

    When you started playing: I started playing at the beginning of my freshman year, I tagged along with one of my friends to the general interest meeting which was probably the 2nd best decision I’ve ever made (The first was coming to Clark

    Why Quidditch: A better question would be why not quidditch,  

    Activities outside of Quidditch: I did mock trial but I’m not returning this coming year, I do a lot of reading, and I’ve been known to enjoy British television.

    Favorite Quidditch moment: I’m gonna be that guy and pick more than 1.  Winning our first game.  The group hug/friendship circle to start our last game against URI, and realizing how far our team progressed individually and as a team in our last year.

    Most Awkward Quidditch moment:  Probably getting shin splints scrimmaging with a bunch of high school students we were teaching because I didn’t stretch.

    Life ambitions: I want to become a lawyer, and work on fixing some of the issues in the U.S. legal and prison systems.



  2. Meet the Team - Adam Falk


    Name: Adam Falk

    Year: Senior

    Position: Chaser

    Jersey Number: Numbah 1

    Major: Asian Studies AND Communication & Culture Double Major

    Hometown: Shelton, CT, (Home of the Whiffleball)

    Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

    When you started playing: Sophomore Year, when I founded the Team

    Why Quidditch: Silly Question, but Becasue it’s always been a dream, one I found I could fulfill! It’s exceedingly exhilarating. The people are spectacular.. Challenge Convention?

    Activities outside of Quidditch: Clark Musical Theater, Anime-ing, Cooking, Work, Choir (maybe), Developing Comm Theories, Writing, and Reading until I fall asleep and then wake up and have no idea what I read the night before.

    Favorite Quidditch moment: Jumping through the hoop to score on URI during 2013 SNEQC Tournament

    Most Awkward Quidditch moment: Going to Mike McKenna, Director of SL&P, and turning in the paperwork for Quidditch with a straight face. 

    Life ambitions: Bring the World together, and do my part for social justice. Being pleasant and happy.



  3. Meet the Team - Lauren Koppel



    Name: Lauren Koppel

    Year: Senior

    Position: Beater

    Jersey Number: 20

    Major: Double major in Psychology & Biology

    Hometown: Ashland, Oregon

    Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff, and proud of it!

    When you started playing: Fall 2012

    Why Quidditch: Quidditch is a tight-knit, passionate, welcoming community of players. Although we’re only Muggles, Quidditch has a magical tendency to bring out the joyful weirdness, confidence, cooperation, and competitiveness in everyone that plays it. It’s definitely not a “normal” sport, but that’s what I love most about it. We take ourselves very seriously (if we don’t, no one else will!), but we also proudly acknowledge the goofiness and uniqueness of Quidditch. Every game is intense but lighthearted.

    Activities outside of Quidditch: Conducting neurodevelopment research in the Clark Biology Dept., playing ukulele, and reading prodigiously.

    Favorite Quidditch moment: Ricocheting a Bludger off of three opponents to get a triple-Beat.

    Most Awkward Quidditch moment: Having a team Chaser try to pass me, a Beater, the Quaffle…

    Life ambitions: Work in the field of developmental neurobiology, make a difference in the world (scientifically or otherwise), live happily, and play some beastly Quidditch games in my free time.


  4. Meet the Team - Desiree Jerome


    Name: Desiree Jerome
    Year: Senior
    Position: Beater, President
    Jersey Number: 4
    Major: Economics
    Hometown: Shirley, MA
    Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
    When you started playing: Sophomore year, when the team started.
    Why Quidditch: Why the hell not? Seriously though, it’s a wonderful, accepting community of people, playing a novel yet physically demanding sport. Also, the shock value never gets old.
    Activities outside of Quidditch: ex-RA, ex-Swimmer, ex-Mock Trial; Gryphon and Pleiades, watching movies, learning to cook, boring people with things I find fascinating.
    Favorite Quidditch moment: That time when we hugged URI.
    Most Awkward Quidditch moment: That time there was a giant snowman in the way.
    Life ambitions: make the world a better place, create organized Kidditch so someday I can be a Kidditch mom instead of a soccer mom.





    1- Our team will double in size

                At the end of this past season our official roster of players was 9, we had 2 injuries, and one player who had to take a break for academic reasons giving us a total roster of 12.  We had one player graduate, but we are hoping to aggressively recruit both players and people willing to assist the team with things like refereeing this coming season.

    2) A team from SNEQC will make WCVII

                SNEQC is full of teams that are almost completely overlooked in a Northeast Region that contains many top tier teams.  However, one of the greatest parts of SNEQC is it helps small teams like us play against teams of similar caliber and improve our skills.  Every team in this conference is competitive and we predict at least one team from this conference will be representing SNEQC on the pitch at World Cup VII

    3) Clark Quidditch will finish in the top 4 of SNEQC this season. 

    Clark finished 4th at our 5 team SNEQC tournament this past season and with the conference expanding to 10 teams, we predict that we will still manage to hold our own and finish the season in the top 4. 

    P.S. Sorry this is a day late!


  6. Welcome

    This is the official tumblr of the Clark University Quidditch team based out of Worcester Mass.  We play regular games as a part of the Southern New England Quidditch Conference.  This coming season we will be playing games against: Umass Amherst, Harvard, Smith, Wellesely, the University of Rhode Island, the India Point Ashwinders, Westfield and Brandeis.  For the rest of the summer this will mostly be me writing weekly posts dealing with the team and quidditch in general, as well as a few guest posts by other members of the team if they feel so inclined to write them.  For now Happy 4th!